New Zealand Nutritionals is a leading and exclusive supplier of hemp-based consumables to international markets, both buying and producing hemp products (oils, powder, hearts and protein).  In New Zealand, the cultivation, manufacturing and distribution of hemp is permitted for production of hempseed oil, fibre, powder and hemp seeds, and has been gaining significant visibility and traction in recent years.

For approximately eight decades, New Zealand farmers were banned from growing this multi-purpose ‘miracle’ plant. However, from 2006, research into growing hemp proliferated, and since then the industry has grown in popularity, with more New Zealand farmers becoming engaged in utilising and developing their land with hemp. 
For decades, linked with little differentiation from “marijuana” (cannabis), hemp struggled to ‘find its own voice’ and reveal its many gifts. Despite belonging to the same species of flowering plant in the Cannabaceae family, a key difference between “hemp” and cannabis is the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content – the part (largely derived from the flowers) that provides the human “high”.

The legality of industrial hemp varies internationally. Within the New Zealand hemp industry, the term “hemp” is defined to mean cannabis that contains less than one percent THC by dry weight (in the leaves and flowering heads). Because the THC level in hemp is so low, its deemed unlikely to create a “high”.
Hemp is one of the fastest growing plants, along with bamboo, and 50,000 years ago it was one of the first plants to be spun into usable fibre. Commercially, it has excellent variety for refining into a wide range of products, including paper, rope, textiles, clothing, biodegradable plastics, biofuel, insulation, animal feed, and food. 
In a rapidly transforming world, hemp addresses and supports many aspects of environmental concern and sustainability and has been called a ‘carbon negative’ raw material. As increasing numbers of people turn to vegetarianism, plant-based diets and food products, hemp offers multiple solutions. Hemp seeds are high in complete protein (providing 64% of the Daily Value (DV) of protein per 100 gram serving, and they are also a great source of iron, B vitamins, manganese, phosphorous, magnesium, zinc. 
Hemp seeds contain comparable amino acids to other sources of protein such as eggs, meat, milk and soy, with high nutritional value. They can be eaten raw, ground into hemp meal, sprouted, or made into dried sprout powder. Hemp seeds can be made into oil or liquid, and the leaves of the hemp plant are edible and can be used raw as leafy vegetables in salads or pressed to make juice. 

Given increasing law changes to allow human consumption of hemp products, along with the plant’s huge economic potential and its ability to help meet global sustainability goals, hemp has been drawing away from the shadows of its cousin cannabis, and is becoming the bedrock of multiple ‘miracle products’ in a shifting world age. 

For enquiries into the manufacture or distribution of hemp-based powder, protein, and oil products for human consumption, please enquire at NZ Nutritionals:  or telephone 03-358 7899



Green-lipped mussel supplements have in recent years become a market-leading product in the combatting of arthritic and joint pain, becoming a healthy alternative to anti-inflammatory drugs for joint function and protection, and wellbeing in general.

Found only in the clean, green coastal waters of New Zealand, the Green Lipped Mussels are a bivalve mollusc, packed with nutrition. Their potential for health benefits began in the early 1970s with observations that coastal Maori people had a lower incidence of arthritis than those who lived inland.


Green-lipped mussels contain a high concentration of amino acids, glycosaminoglycans and chondroitin sulphates, which are the components of cartilage and the cushioning fluids in joints.


Laboratory and animal studies have shown that omega-3 fatty acids in Green-lipped mussels help maintain joint cell structure and function, along with their anti-inflammatory function.


Additionally, this seemingly simple shellfish in the form of an extract or powder, has been shown to significantly reduce inflammation in the airways of trial people with asthma symptoms.


Supplementation with these nutrients is said to support the strength and health not only of cartilage, but of general wellbeing.


Whilst the proof may ‘be in the pudding’, we like to think of the Green-lipped mussel extract as an entrée to inflammation sufferers, and a good first port of call. This little mollusc and its potential benefits are well worth a try.




The pineal gland was described as the “seat of the soul” by Renee Descartes and is often referred to as the ‘Third Eye’ for a number of reasons, including its location deep in the centre of the brain. This small endocrine gland, sitting level with our eyes, is believed by many to be involved in reaching higher levels of consciousness, intuition and psychic ability.


The primary body function of the pineal gland is to receive information about the light-dark cycle from the environment and convey this information to produce and secrete the hormone melatonin, which only occurs in the dark period of the day.


Melatonin’s role is to regulate the circadian system (light-dark cycle) and sleep patterns, but some of its other functions are for cell protection, neuroprotection, and the reproductive system.


Research indicates that due to poor diet, pesticides, chemical-laden foods, and environmental toxins in our water (particularly Halides such as chlorine and fluoride which deposit on tissues rich in calcium, such as the pineal), our bodies and our pineal gland are becoming exposed to more toxins and nano-organisms than ever before.


Toxins and nano-organisms form calcium shells around themselves for protection from our immune systems, hence, the calcification of the pineal gland, and the build-up of calcium phosphate crystals in various parts of the human body.


In assisting the decalcification of the pineal gland, Pro-life’s ‘Third Eye’ product consists of a range of ingredients, which can also help boost pineal gland function and provide support on your journey of personal and spiritual development.


GARLIC:  is a powerful detoxifier containing sulfur molecules. These molecules assist with the process of sulfation, which can neutralise toxins. Without adequate sulfur, the body cannot properly detoxify many compounds. Garlic supplements are one of the best detoxification ingredients, hence their inclusion in Pro-life’s Third Eye product.


MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane):  is another sulfur-rich supplement. MSM helps to promote detoxification by making cells more permeable and assisting in reducing the built up of heavy metals, waste and toxins, whilst making it easier for nutrients and water to enter the cells and continue the cleansing process.


CHLORELLA:  is chlorophyll dense, which increases oxygen levels, repairs damaged tissue, and boosts the immune system. Theoretically, anything that boosts oxygen and immune function should support the body into reversing pineal gland calcification.


BORON:  according to a 1942 study by Marcovitch and Stanley, boric acid is an antidote to fluorine. Boric acid is the most common form of boron, a trace mineral.


IODINE:  This vital mineral is one of the most efficient removers (chelators) of heavy metals from the body, such as mercury, lead, cadmium, and aluminum, as well as fluoride.


VITAMIN K (Phylloquinone):  a fat-soluble liquid occurring in plants which can help control the binding of calcium in bones and other tissues.





ARIES (21st Mar-19th April)






The month of Aries - as with people born as the Sun moves through the house of Aries - tends to be endowed with greater energy, enthusiasm, strength, and stamina. However, as a by-product of the upswing in energy and increased focus on ‘goals’, we can be more prone to stress, impatience, impulsiveness, and fluctuating moods and temperament.


This month it may be wise to lay off extra or excessive coffees, sugar, salt, and alcohol, as with the combination of increased energy you may hit some burnout! Aries ruler Mars tends to be ‘combustible’.


Pay particular care and attention to the head, stomach, kidneys and lymphatics this month eg. digestion, colds, fever, eyesight, skin rashes, and depression from coming down off excesses and bursting your boiler! With Aries being a focused fire sign, it’s a month to make the most of inspirational energy, but also to pace yourself…and periodically stop, drop, and breathe.




TAURUS (20th April-20th May)







The sun moving through the sign of Taurus brings a steady, robust and resilient energy with it. However, as a by-product of the Taurean love of overindulgence, particularly around eating and relaxing, the month of Taurus may be a time to tackle any de-motivation that has crept in around exercise, as well as zoning in on any weight issues. It’s only going to get tougher through the dark, cold months of winter, so establish some renewed discipline now.


As Taurus rules the throat area of the body, pay particular care and attention to the throat, neck, tonsils, thyroid, parathyroid…and recovery from rich foods and beverages! Taurus can be stubborn, so be prepared with the inner conflict faced with replacing the relaxation in front of the television for an hour at the gym! And if you are looking for more healthy indulgence, it may be timely for a massage or spa treatment.




GEMINI (21st May-20th June)







Whilst it may be winter in the southern hemisphere, as the sun traverses the mutable, changeable, Air sign of Gemini, party, play and an overcommitment to too many things may arise as a theme this month.  Those tricky twins love a good time…or at least, one of them does!

Being stretched in multiple directions can result in enhanced stress, anxiety, irritability and mood swings.


Gemini governs the areas of speech, smell and lungs. But it also rules the arms, shoulders, hands, fingers and (critically) the nervous system. Health may be impacted this month by confinement, overactivity and overthinking. Emotional breakdowns may appear – but remember, these can also be emotional breakthroughs! Be kind to yourself, and don’t bite off more than you can chew this month.

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