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At NZ Nutritionals, we manufacture various shapes and sizes of soft-gel capsules under sterile conditions. Our new high speed soft-gel production lines have a perfect solvent free system with a unique design that makes soft-gel capsules dry faster without solvent cleaning.
Our tumble dryers are used to remove a thin layer of oil from the surface of the soft-gel capsules which accelerates the drying process by 50%. The soft-gel capsules are placed on drying trays, then into drying racks and into rooms where dry air is circulated for a period of up to 48 hours.
As each batch of soft-gel capsules are manufactured, we send a representative sample to be micro-biologically tested in an independent laboratory. Heavy metal testing is carried out for some soft-gel capsules. Customers can request these testings for their products.

Soft Gel Capsules: Product
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