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We are one of New Zealand’s leading distributors and manufacturers of all health, wellness and beauty products.

New Zealand Nutritionals started with humble beginnings in 1981 as a small family company, founded by Warren Stewart PHD, with a background of years of running his own small health shop in Christchurch. Warren has a background in clinical hypnotherapy and chemistry. Inspired to make change and improve the quality of peoples lives, he has a passion for health and wellbeing of people, motivating them to value the nutritional solutions they need to get more out of life.

New Zealand Nutritionals to this day upholds these values, putting people before profit and giving them quality products they see results from. Now, three generations later, New Zealand Nutritionals is run by Warren’s grandson, Callum Stewart, who maintains these family business values.

A number of decades on, New Zealand Nutritionals has expanded into

30+ international markets and to over 600+ doors in all sectors of New Zealand, with a broad spectrum of specially formulated products for the natural health industry. Our goal is to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction by providing consistently safe, reliable and effective high quality products that support people’s body and mind wellbeing.

New Zealand Nutritionals has always been at the forefront of innovations and health in New Zealand. We are New Zealand’s trusted go-to company for all your health and wellness needs.


HACCP including RMP, NZ Made
DAIRY Exporter



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Much of the world lacks good nutritional intake, and New Zealand Nutritionals is positively changing this.


We advocate and encourage pioneering and innovative change in the health and wellness industry.


We are dedicated to being a domestic and global leader in providing high quality raw material supplies and products from

New Zealand to the world, to help service the consumer's growing nutritional demands.

- Callum Stewart

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