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100% New Zealand owned and operated

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

In 1981 my grandfather, Warren Stewart, started Megavitamin Laboratories. With a background in clinical hypnotherapy and chemistry, Warren pioneered links between the impacts of nutritional deficiencies on the mind, body and spirit. He started New Zealand Nutritionals on a mission to help and heal people with the right nutrition. As a visionary, he created and formulated natural health products to transform health and wellbeing. Forty years on, we remain true to his core values. New Zealand Nutritionals has evolved to become a hub of education and motivation for not only creating products, but also helping shift the broader perception and awareness about what's possible for natural health, wellbeing and beauty. I'm proud to continue in my grandfather's footsteps, innovating and bringing to market a line of Internal Cosmetics, challenging the cosmetic industry's status quo. New Zealand Nutritionals has now expanded its reach to 30+ international markets with 7 major brands. The images are of our company building in the 80's, and now in 2021.

Callum Stewart

Managing Director

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