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DNA Repair

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Studies have been conducted that indicate excessive electromagnetic radiation may have adverse impacts on human health. New Zealand Nutritionals have researched a potent herbal blend of nutrients that may support not only good health and wellbeing, but also DNA protection and repair.

Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) refers to the waves of the electromagnetic field in space that carry electromagnetic radiant energy. This includes radio waves, microwaves, infrared, (visible) light, ultraviolet, X-rays, and gamma rays, which all form part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

In current times, our exposure to toxic electromagnetic (EM) energy has become more pronounced as a result of laptops, wifi routers, earphones, television, and an array of household appliances. On a daily basis we come into contact with EM waves.

Studies of some of the higher emitters of toxic EM readings indicate higher transmissions from Air Conditioners – particularly older ones. In-floor electrical heating also scores highly, along with flurorescent lighting tubes, cordless phones, televisions and computers.

To help counteract any potential impacts from EM radiation, NZ Nutritionals researched a formulation designed to help support protection and repair. Along with a range of vitamins and minerals, some of the product’s quality ingredients include:

Lotus Seed: Plays a vital role in traditional medicine particularly in the treatment of inflammation. Used in ancient times all across Asia, it is rich in antioxidants and micronutrients.

Noni: One of the most frequently used Hawaiian plants. Known as an ‘analgesic’ with the nickname ‘The Painkiller Tree’. Believed to assist with conditions such as arthritis, anti-ageing, stress, boosting immunity and assisting with stimulation of serotonin and melatonin.

Giant Knotweed: A flowering plant that is said to assist with respiratory and lung diseases, skin disorders and fluid retention.

Green Tea: Considered one of the world’s healthiest drinks, green tea contains high amounts of antioxidants. Natural chemicals called polyphenols in tea are what are thought to provide its anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic effects. Catechins in polyphenols are antioxidants said to help prevent cell damage.

Reishi Mushroom: Used to help enhance the immune system, help fight cancer, reduce stress and lessen fatigue. Tests indicate that Reishi may affect the genes in white blood cells and may alter inflammation pathways in white blood cells. Some molecules in the Reishi mushroom may increase the activity of ‘natural killer cells’, helping fight infection, cancer, and cell degradation.

Turmeric: Understood to be a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

Kelp: High in antioxidants, including carotenoids and flavonoids which help fight disease-causing free-radicals and oxidative stress.

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