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We offer an extensive range of tableting services. Tablets are run on our high speed rotary tablet presses which can be set to specific tablet sizes and shapes. Each tablet is thoroughly checked for hardness, weight and quality.

To add a point of difference, tablets can be coated (aqueous, sustained release, enteric and colour), adding benefits of extended shelf life, moisture barrier, taste masking, easy to swallow and visual appeal. We also manufacture chewable tablets with flavours and/or sweeteners.

All tablets can be printed on with any logo, image or text.

New Zealand Nutritionals offers the full services of:

  • aqueous coated tablets

  • time / sustained release tablets

  • enteric coated tablets

Adding many benefits to your products:

  • extended shelf life

  • moisture barrier

  • easy to swallow

  • taste masking

  • colours to suit consumers or target market

Tableting & Coating: Products
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