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The growth in use of libido-enhancing products, ingredients and raw materials

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Sex sells. This is something New Zealand Nutritionals can vouch for, with its ‘libido’ (sex drive) products, ingredients and raw material supplies, such as Deer Velvet, Maca and Tribulus. It’s no secret that countries around the world, in particular Asia, hold libido-enhancing natural raw materials, supplements and ingredients in high regard.

Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments for libido improvement have been tried and tested for thousands of years, including the use of Deer Velvet. Deer Velvet is derived from immature deer antlers which are covered in velvet-like hair. Deer antlers are the only type of bone in any mammal that naturally sheds and fully regenerates every year. Annual Deer Velvet harvests by certified procedure are therefore not considered harmful to farmed deer. At New Zealand Nutritionals, when sourcing our raw material ingredients, we believe it is important to maintain strict adherence to requirements for animal welfare.

Along with protein, fat, minerals and other chemical compounds, antlers are said to include hormones, such as testosterone and oestrogen. In scientific studies, Deer Velvet has been shown to promote faster healing, tissue growth, nerve tissue, cartilage and muscle repair. It may also help support normal testosterone levels, providing a natural aid and boost for a healthy libido. Hence, Deer Velvet’s sought-after status. New Zealand Nutritionals supplies a high dose Deer Velvet extract and raw material, which contains more nutritional content and the possibility of a faster result.

The benefits of Maca (derived from the native Peruvian Maca root plant) have been known and widely used for centuries, not only to enhance sex drive and sperm count, but also for help with fertility, hormone regulation, and menopausal symptoms.

It’s not all about sex though…is it?

What’s not to like about Maca? Research into Maca indicates this potent superfood has general energising, anxiety-reducing and mood-boosting properties, alongside its potential to helping build stamina and enhance libido.

This brings us to our last, but not least, libido promoting ingredient, Tribulus terrestris - also known as puncture vine. Both the root and fruit of the Tribulus plant have been used in Traditional Chinese, and Indian Ayurvedic medicines.

With such a global emphasis on male libido, one might be forgiven for asking: how do women keep up?

Due to its great versatility as an ingredient, Tribulus can be custom formulated into libido enhancing and aphrodisiac promoting products, improving sexual desire, function and satisfaction in men and women. For men, Tribulus may enhance sperm production and motility. However, increasing evidence appears to indicate that Tribulus (along with boosting circulating levels of male sex hormones) might be beneficial to women, too. Tribulus may potentially help treat a raft of female sex problems, including low-libido, arousal difficulties and lubrication problems.

Now that all sounds explosively good, doesn’t it.

Particularly if taking medication, please check with your doctor about any potential impacts of using these ingredients and their potential effects.

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