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Sex sells. This is something New Zealand Nutritionals can vouch for, with its ‘libido’ (sex drive) products, ingredients and raw material supplies, such as Deer Velvet, Maca and Tribulus.


Studies have been conducted that indicate excessive electromagnetic radiation may have adverse impacts on human health. New Zealand Nutritionals have researched a potent herbal blend of nutrients that may support not only good health and wellbeing, but also DNA protection and repair.


Around the world, Chlorophyll is growing in popularity as a supplement. As New Zealand Nutritionals has discovered with its liquid chlorophyll products, consumers are increasingly waking up to the wide range of benefits this potent supplement can offer.


CANCER (21st June – 22nd July)

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Cancer is the fourth sign in the astrological zodiac, and the first water sign (like a river) of three: the second be Scorpio (like a lake), and Piscies (like the ocean). Cancer rules the stomach, and is very feeling beneath its crab-like shell. As a Cardinal sign, Cancerian’s also have strong leadership ability. Cancer is the great father-mother sign, typically with a very strong family focus. And Cancerian children need family and a strong connection with their parents more than most!

In the Southern Hemisphere, it’s Wintertime…the perfect time to encourage indoors and more family time. This should make Cancerians very happy, although it may drive some of the more freedom-loving signs to distraction. 

With Cancer ruling the stomach, immunity and digestion feature strongly as health areas to watch and strengthen. This is a month to avoid excessive oily foods, salt and refined sweets. When not? I hear you say…well, sometimes the body can be more susceptible to vulnerability than others. Conversely, if you look after your gut health and digestion at this time, it may be when you can make great gains. Try snacking on stomach-warming and soothing winter broths. Try Morlife’s ‘Gut Health’ for stomach repair and restoration, detoxing greens like Chlorophyll, relaxing camomile tea, or the soothing and multi-versatile Slippery Elm powder for stomach and intestinal benefits. 

LEO  (23rd July – 22nd August)

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The sign of Leo is the second fire sign in the zodiac. As such, on their positive side, Leo’s represent a steady aspect of the qualities of fire – warmth and loyalty. Leo’s can be generous to a fault. On the more challenging side however, their often larger than life personalities and penchant for fun can lead them to the high life, related excesses, and subsequent health issues. A liver detox during this month might be just the tonic! Try Vitafit’s Detox Liver capsules to help boost up your sapped energy reserves.

With Leo’s, it’s important to know their loss of dignity, ‘mana’, or love, can markedly impact happiness in their heart. Leo’s will do their utmost to save face. Know that it can be hard for Leo’s to experience sadness, loss of health or energy…and it’s also hard for people who love their Leos to witness them down in the dumps – it’s not a good look for regal lion. Therefore, Leo’s need to learn to look after themselves on every level, because a sick or sad Leo can be a miserable thing. Have you ever seen the light of the sun extinguished by drab gray clouds? That is what it can be like for a Leo unable to shine.


So, in particular, in winter months, whilst many of us might need a boost of missing vitamin D3, St John’s Wort tea, serotonin boosters…or a sun-kissed holiday (that’s been hand-braked by Covid-19), Leo’s need emotional and physical uplifting input more than most! Make sure that you and/or your Leo friends find ways to add sunshine and fun to your life this winter season. 

 VIRGO (23rd August – 22nd September)

Screen Shot 2021-04-09 at 12.58.19 PM.png

Virgo is the sixth sign in the zodiac, and the second Earth sign. Virgo’s quality is ‘mutable’, which means that Virgo’s tend to be flexible, adaptable and can thrive on change. They are also generally highly motivated by being of service – typically practical forms of service. Being oriented to serve and be helpful comes second nature to Virgos. 

But the health of Virgo’s is also balanced by ‘routine’. The nervous system in particular can be an area of vulnerability and need some regulating. Virgos can be prone to anxiety. Some of this is brought about by their tendency to pay excessive attention to detail (which can be both a strength and a challenge), be analytical, and sometimes overanalyse. 

“Stay in your head, you’re dead” might be a nice mantra to take on as the sun moves through the sign of Virgo. Conversely, perhaps it’s a good time to take up that long awaited counselling, clear out some psychological and emotional clutter, and move through and beyond old issues that do not serve you.

In terms of health, something that Virgo’s can and will often readily engage (because of a natural interest in ‘health’), anything calming, purifying for the body/mind/spirit, or relaxing, can help balance the Virgo’s busy and industrious nature and self. Magnesium at night, (or try Pro-lifes ‘Sleep Support with Ashwaghanda), relaxing teas, detoxing and alkalizing greens (ie. Morlife range, or Vitafit barley grass)…and most definitely, be sure to get a massage this month!

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